Port de Soller at dusk

Port de Soller at dusk, Majorca Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Majorca: Port de Soller at dusk.
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photograph of Port de Soller at dusk

The seafront promenade at Port de Soller seen at dusk.

This early evening view of the curving horse-shoe shaped bay at Port de Soller shows the beach, and in the distance one of the two lighthouses.

Late October still offers some good weather in Majorca - although sudden showers (sometimes heavy) might catch you out - this panorama was taken shortly after nature had jet-washed the paving!

We stayed in a sea front apartment for our photo trip in 2011, and enjoyed our time in the resort, although visiting this late in the season be prepared to see the bars, hotels and restaurants closing one by one until the next year.

Many visitors to Port de Soller will take a trip on the Tram - the 'Ferrocarril de Sóller' which has been runing a service along the seafront up to the town of Sóller, about 5 kilometers - tickets 4 Euro (Oct 2011).

The original electric trams are still used, with wooden construction and with controls still bearing the 'English Electric Co. Ltd' metal plates, in fact the rails on which the trams run are an unusual 'gauge' - being exactly 36 inches, an English 'Yard' apart. (just wait till that one comes up as a question in the pub quiz!)

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Map of Majorca showing the location of Port de Soller at dusk at Latitude 39.79039719 / Longitude 2.691084272.
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