Palma Nova

Palma Nova, Majorca Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Majorca: Palma Nova.
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photograph of Palma Nova

Palma Nova.

What is the difference between Magaluf and Palma Nova? There isn't one these days, really. Palma Nova is the older of the two resorts and claims to appeal more to families, but it really is not the place for toddlers with buckets and spades. Perhaps there are a few more traditional restaurants and cafes in Palma Nova and not quite so many hotels.

Otherwise, they are the same: fabulous beaches, all night clubs, burger and pizza places everywhere you look and plenty of opportunities to drink more than you should, under a hot sun and a blue sky.

Does it sound like your idea of a perfect holiday?

Join us on the next part of our virtual tour of Majorca...

You are viewing panorama No.55 (Palma Nova), one of 103 Virtual Reality 360 degree views of Majorca.

Map of Majorca showing the location of Palma Nova at Latitude 39.52393 / Longitude 2.54093.
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